Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Me Want

On the flight home from Christmas I sat next to a woman who had a Kindle. It was so cool. I immediately got a bad case of Kindle Envy. Now they have a new version (too bad everyone who paid the big bucks for the first one) and it's even cooler. It reminds me of the whole iPod/iPhone thing where each successive generation has more and more features and memory and it's impossible for anyone to keep up. Well, some people could keep up and I could keep not being up at all. Maybe some day I'll Kindle with the best of them.

Friday, February 6, 2009


By now you've figured out that I love to play games. There is a subcategory of computer games called "Casual Gaming". These include Hidden Object (HO) Games, Puzzle Games, Adventure Games, Time Management Games, SIMs and more. I'm a big fan of casual gaming. I love HO Games and tend to get very envious of the PC crowd because they tend to get so many more choices than Mac people like me. For example, Amazon has a new casual gaming center.

Just click on that and it'll take you straight to their game center where you'll find truckloads of games for under $10. You can try most of them for one hour free. If you like it, buy it and it's yours. No box, disks, or fuss. Just a download, a free trial and a credit card. However, you'll notice that none of them are Mac games despite there being Mac versions of quite a few casual games.

That's where Big Fish saves the day. I love Big Fish Games.


If you join the game club you can get games for as little $6.99. Oh, and yes, that "2 free games" thing is for real. I know because I grabbed my two free games. They also have really great customer service. I've been impressed with the folks at Big Fish and their games are an awful lot of fun.

This isn't meant to sound like an ad. For some reason I enjoy getting other people hooked on these games. I think it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only person addicted to them.

Anyway, I hope you have fun at bfgads_125x125 (yeah, that's clickable, too)