Saturday, October 27, 2007

Starting something new

I was born the middle child of a middle-class family in the Midwest. I am currently middle-aged. That's about as much middleness as one person should be expected to handle. In my youth, I rebelled against this middlosity by moving to the west coast to live in Los Angeles, California. I did not go the husband and kids route. Rather, I focused on having a career.

I had two loves: voice-acting and writing. For several years, I tried to get my voice-acting career into the big time. It never quite made it. So I switched my focus to writing and I faired a bit better. I wrote for TV with dreams of someday switching to movies. I wrote nonfiction with dreams of someday switching to novels. Right now, I'm in the middle (there's that word again) of the latter, trying to get a career as a novelist going while attempting to keep the nonfiction career, as well.

I wanted to try my hand at blogging for a number of reasons, but I'm finding my choice of date to start up a little unsettling. Today was my father's birthday. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. Because of its proximity to Halloween, I'm not much of a fan of the holiday. I don't go to costume parties, decorate my apartment, or do anything more than try to ignore all the orange and black. A strange day to start a new venture like this. After all, he never lived to see a computer in his home, use the term "worldwide web" or heard of an activity called "blogging." Therefore, in his honor I will root for the Badgers and Packers. I will also blog about the life of his middle child.

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Amelia Elias said...

Your blog's off to a fair to middlin' start, Joanna.