Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm back home after a trip to Wisconsin to spend Christmas with my Mom and my brothers and their families. Great trip as always. I had such a great time. As always, it was too short.

And now it's 2008, a brand new year. I won't bore you with a list of resolutions. I tend not to make actual resolutions, as a rule. It's more a sincere hope that the year will be a good one for me and everyone I know and love. I could use a good year as last year held some big disappointments in my professional life. Won't bore you with those details, either.

The past couple of days I've been working on the comic whose story I will be revisiting on my other blog. When I finish that, I'll be working on getting some projects ready to pitch, as well as polishing a query letter I'm hoping will snag a new agent (please, Lord, make it a GOOD agent this time! I've had 4 agents in my life for various things (voice acting, TV writing, and books) and so far I'm 0 for 4 as far as good ones go. I'm not giving up; I'm just hoping that this time things work out better). I'm a lot better at writing than I am at pitching and querying, but the latter is a necessary part of the profession, so I simply have to do the best I possibly can. That's as close to a resolution as I'll probably get.

Here's hoping anyone who's reading has a fantastic 2008 that surpasses all your own hopes, dreams, and resolutions! Happy New Year!


Nell said...

Happy New Year!

Ed Pahule said...

What? You were in Wisconsin and didn't stop by?

I'm so hurt by that.