Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's your guilty pleasure?

I'm not a violent person. In fact, I have a peacemaker personality. But I have a true guilty pleasure. When it comes to sports, I'm only a fan of one: boxing. Why? I have no idea.

I'm not a fair-weather fan, either. I watch everything I can find. Granted, the super-fights are the best. There's nothing in the world like two absolute masters, men in their prime, pitting their wills, skills, and talents against an evenly matched opponent.

Athleticism plays a key role (and nothing beats the body of a boxer in peak condition) but it's also a thinking man's game. Teddy Atlas, the color commentator on ESPN's Friday Night Fights and a talented trainer, has often said that boxing is "75% mental". You can almost see them thinking through the puzzle their opponent brings, using the flaws and errors to gain an advantage.

Who is my favorite boxer? That's really difficult to say. I've been a fan of Oscar De Lahoya (right) since his gold medal at the Barcelona Olympics. I loved watching Mike Tyson in his prime. Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti gave me countless hours of great fights. I grieved when Diego Corrales was killed in a motorcycle accident because he'd always been a favorite. Roy Jones, Jr. was breathtaking when he was at his best. (He once put both hands behind his back and as his opponent began to punch, Roy managed to punch him first and knock him out. Almost superhuman speed. It was incredible.) Currently, I follow Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, several of the ex-Olympians, and many more. I can't choose just one.

I won't wax poetic about all this because, frankly, I'm not used to discussing boxing with anyone. That's what a guilty pleasure is like. You quietly indulge it and hope no one's watching. So, if you have the guts to step up, tell me your guilty pleasure? I promise not to mock you. I'm far too easy a target.


Virginia Lee said...

I have a number of guilty pleasures, but my TV one is soap operas. I love them. I always have. It's the continuing story thing with the same characters and families. I just love soaps.

Right now I watch six. Days of Our Lives. All My Children. Young and the Restless. Bold & the Beautiful. As the World Turns. Guiding Light.

I kept up with Passions before they put it on Direct TV only. It is such a funny show and sooooooo irreverant.

My mom has no comprehension of my soap addiction. This amuses me for she used to watch movie serials and listen to a couple of radio serials when she was a kid.

Ah well.

I also am pretty into men's college basketball. I grew up in ACC country and am living here again now, so it's very easy to feed this obsession. This one is totally my mom's fault. She had me completely ruined by the time I was 8.

Yay Mom!

And ewwwww! Boxing? Really? I'd never have guessed, hon.

Joanna Sandsmark said...

A lot of people are hooked on soaps, so you're in good company. I had a brief soap fling way back in college days, but otherwise, never been a big one for me.

Yes, I'll take the "ewww" because I honestly have no idea why I like it so much. It's very out of character for me. But I can't help it. I really do love it. I follow careers, avidly watch the big fights, have my favorites, am a decent judge, and yeah, hooked.

Nell said...

I don't like sports but I'm a sucker for reality TV. X Factor, I'm a celebrity, Big brother - love all of them.

Dawn Allcot said...

I guess right now Ninja Warrior is my guilty pleasure. But I don't tend to feel guilty about any of my pleasures. ;)

Ed Pahule said...

I used to be a huge fan of boxing. That was in the day when Mohammed Ali, Frasier, Foreman and such were boxing. In fact, I think everyone was a fan then. Not sure when it died. Sometime in the 80s maybe, when it stopped being shown on regular television and you had to pay to view it. That and none of the boxers had personalities like Ali or Foreman. *shrugs*

Anyway, Christmas smaltzy movies are my guilty pleasure. Any overly sentimental movie of the season gets me, right here.

jessica rohms said...
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